Bridal Boudoir Ideas for Spring Time

If you’re feeling extra flirty and playful now that spring is here, a boudoir photo shoot that highlights your femininity may be just the thing for you. A soft, airy, and delicate style is a boudoir classic because it’s timeless and beautiful. What’s more, it fits brides particularly well.

So, if you’re tying the knot this spring and want to create the perfect, personalized gift for your man, book a boudoir photo shoot at our San Diego studio. You can read on to find out just how easy it is to pull off this classic look with just a few simple ideas.

How to do a soft and feminine boudoir photo shoot?

A gentle, fairy-tale vibe goes hand in hand with bridal boudoir photography. The intimate nature of boudoir is emphasized by dainty florals, delicate lace, innocent white, and pretty pastels. If this stunning style speaks to you and reflects your character, here’s how to pull it off:

  • Flower power: Tender floral accents look fresh, youthful, and pretty. You can pose holding the flowers or with flowers arranged around you. You could also wear a whimsical flower crown or lingerie with fine floral embroidery. If you’re a bride, you may wish your photos to feature the same kinds of flowers that will grace your bridal bouquet.

  • Keep it light: The colors you wear should be light and understated to emphasize your natural glow. Airy whites, tender creams, or cute pastels will do the trick and make you feel like a fairytale princess. These shades give off a feminine air that is perfect for brides.

  • Delicate lingerie: Pick delicate lacy pieces with intricate details and flattering cuts. You could pose with your veil for a few shots, too. Your outfit will be perfectly complemented by dainty jewelry and, of course, your gorgeous engagement ring. Most importantly, choose an outfit that makes you feel most comfortable and confident!

  • Gentle makeup: My stylist will keep your makeup looking dewy and minimal, with subtle rosy cheeks and soft eye shadow. Accentuate your lovely lips with a light creamy shade. When you’re going for this specific look, you want to keep the makeup minimal and allow the stylist to enhance your natural beauty.

Where can I do a bridal boudoir photo shoot in San Diego?

To all my lovely brides…if these ideas got you excited for your boudoir shoot then let’s get you scheduled! If you live in Bankers Hill or elsewhere in San Diego, our studio isn’t far away. Let’s mark this special occasion with timeless images for you and your hubby to cherish for days to come.

To book your bridal boudoir session please contact us to get started. I will be in touch with you shortly after to schedule a time to discuss the details. In the meantime, please feel free to check out my FAQs page for more information. Let’s celebrate this upcoming chapter in your life and mark it with beautiful images. You won’t be disappointed!