Boudoir Photo Ideas for Curvey Ladies

Some think that boudoir is only fitting for those who wear a size 0-2.  Boudoir is inclusive and body positive, so there’s absolutely no mould you need to fit. It’s a liberating and empowering experience that enables ladies to embrace everything that makes them special. At J’adore Boudoir Photography in Reno, I strongly believe that every woman is sexy and beautiful in her own right. It is my mission to let women see themselves for the bombshells they are!


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What should a plus size woman wear for a boudoir photo shoot?

To all of the lovely curvey ladies out there….what’s holding you back from booking a boudoir shoot? If your answer is your size, I hope you take a minute to read this post. First off every single female form is beautiful. No matter your size, shape, or color. We are all unique and built differently. Secondly, numbers do not define you. Stop looking at the scale and start embracing who you are! Even if you’re still hesitant to book, a carefully picked out outfit can help boost your confidence and accentuate your favorite features.

Before you go shopping, take a look at a few wardrobe ideas that are guaranteed to flatter your body shape and make you look like an absolute bombshell:

  1. Bodysuit: Bodysuits are always a popular pick because everyone looks great in one! It accentuates the curves but also covers and tightens the mid section. Depending on your bust size, it can be difficult to pick the correct overall bodysuit size. For example, a large bodysuit might not fit correctly in the bust if you have an A or B cup. For this reason I suggest choosing a bodysuit without underwire. Choose the mesh lining instead.

  2. A matching two piece with high-waisted panties: Here is another outfit that can make any woman look her best, regardless of her size or age. High waisted panties are super flattering on any body type. Match it up with a top and some pretty lace and you can’t go wrong.

  3. High heels: A pair of elegant stilettos elongates the legs and pops the booty out. High-heeled shoes also amp up the sex appeal and make you feel extra seductive!


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How should I pose for a plus size photo?

There is an art to posing but you shouldn’t worry about it too much. A great photographer will guide you through the whole process and ease you into it. If you’d like a little sneak peek into the best posing for plus size models, here are a few tips you could bear in mind:

  • If you’re standing, push your hips away from the camera, as it makes the thighs look leaner

  • If you’re lying down on your tummy, push the hips up

  • Arch your back as much as you comfortably can to emphasize the bust

  • Keep your arms away from the sides of your body to prevent adding visual weight

  • Point your toes to give the impression of a longer leg

Which studio does amazing boudoir photography in Reno, NV?

What’s your reason behind booking a boudoir shoot? Are you surprising your fiancé with stunning photos that will make his jaw drop? Celebrating a new chapter in your life? Boosting your confidence?

There are so many reasons why women book a boudoir shoot. But regardless of the reason, remember that this experience is for ALL WOMEN. So ladies…put the scale away, stop the self doubt, and dive into this empowering experience head first. Don’t keep waiting until the “right time”, because the right time may never come. You’ll get stunning, artistic images you’ll be proud of.

Our stylish studio is situated in Reno, Nevada. Throw your inhibitions to the wind and let’s celebrate you and have some fun! If you are ready to book your session today, contact us by filling out your information and learn more by reading our FAQ page. We will be in touch with you as soon as possible!

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