To start the booking process simply fill out the form on the contact page to set up a consult call. I will call on our scheduled time and day to go over the process, pricing, and find a date that works for you!

A $399 booking fee will be required to secure your date. This includes a preparation guide, professional hair and makeup, access to the client closet, 90 minute photo session, private reveal appointment, and professional retouching on every ordered image.

Prints, products, and digitals are sold separately at your private reveal appointment. I have flexible payment plans and outside financing. Full payment must be received before image and product delivery.

Yes! I do offer specialty sets like my popular Wet-Set, Swing Set, and Couples Set for a minimal upcharge. If you’d like to add one you will be able to do so on our consult call!

Absolutely! I never require clients to choose a package up front. You can lock in your date for the $399 booking fee and decide on everything else after your shoot during your photo reveal!

I recommend booking at least 6 weeks before you need your products delivered, especially if it is for a gift. This allows enough time for viewing, editing, retouching, album production, and delivery.

Session Info

Expect to be at the studio for a total of 4 hours

Professional hair and make-up services are provided and is included in the session fee.

My artists are amazing at listening to you to make sure the look is exactly what you are envisioning.  You can be glammed up as much or as little as you you’d like. And yes, fake lashes are included!

Yes! I have a client closet full of lingerie from brands like Gooseberry, Honey Birdette, Loungewear, Boux Avenue, and more! I also have heels, body jewelry, hand cuffs, etc. When you initially book your session you will receive a questionnaire to provide me with details as to your lingerie size, shoe size, types of lingerie and colors you’re interested in shooting so I’m confident you’ll have pieces that you like.

Utilizing the Client Closet is not required, just an added benefit for those who need it.

Before your photoshoot, you will receive a step-by-step Preparation Guide to help you navigate through the process of getting ready for your session. It is my goal to help you be fully informed and prepared for the day of your shoot and to reduce any stress that you may feel while preparing.

You will have the option to do a same day reveal or to schedule it at a later date!

If you choose to do a same day reveal, I will have you grab a bite to eat after your session (trust me you’ll be hungry!). Then I’ll have you return back within a few hours to view your images. If you choose to schedule your reveal at a later date, we will coordinate a date and time that works best for you.

During your photo reveal you will pick the images you want and decide which products you would like to purchase. I will be there through the whole process to help guide you!

I have a professional retoucher that will remove bruises, blemishes, stretch marks, scars, and make the skin look beautiful and smooth.

Other retouching can be done upon request!

General Info

J’adore Boudoir Photography Studio is located directly in midtown near Perenn Bakery. Address is 16 St Lawrence Avenue, Reno NV 89509

Are you in the Lake Tahoe area and looking for an experienced boudoir photographer? Book a call with Shannon to learn more.

Client privacy is very important to me. Clients who are willing to share photos online will sign a release form giving me permission to do so. If no form is signed, photos will remain private.

I do! I shoot both maternity and couples.

Couples sessions are currently only an add on specialty set to a full session.

All my pictures are done with natural light! With the use of deep shadows I offer a dynamic and dramatic photography style that is flattering to any shape.

I will help guide you through every pose. I even do them myself first to show you! You DO NOT have to know how to pose or look sexy before your shoot. It is my job to direct and guide you through the whole thing. I got you!

Guests are a distraction for you and the photographer. Please no guests during your session.

Unequivocally 100% YES!! I photograph women of all shapes and sizes. Every woman deserves to feel beautiful in their own skin. I pose every client according to their body type. Your weight should NEVER be a reason to put off a boudoir session!

YES!! I shoot women of all ages and you deserve to feel beautiful at ANY age. Do not let your age define how beautiful you feel. Let us show you how gorgeous you are!

Boudoir 101

A boudoir session is an empowering experience that gives women the opportunity to grow both mentally and physically in their own bodies. It breaks down self conscious barriers and leaves you feeling confident and liberated. An experienced boudoir photographer will guide you through poses, assist in wardrobe choices, and highlight your best assets through their lens.

Most people think about bridal shoots when they hear the words ‘’boudoir photography’’. This type of photo session usually involves the bride-to-be posing in bridal lingerie and bridal accessories such as a wedding dress, garment, and veil. Bridal boudoir photos are typically given by the bride as a gift to the groom on their wedding day.

While many women choose to take boudoir photos for their husbands – there are many other reasons to book a boudoir shoot. Many of my clients don’t have a special occasion they want to mark with their boudoir photos – they simply want an opportunity to feel empowered, sexy, and confident for no one else but themselves!

Here are some simple but helpful tips that will help you prepare for a boudoir shoot:

  • Pamper Yourself. Get a mani/pedi, wax, or perhaps a relaxing massage a couple days leading up to the shoot.
  • Stay hydrated: Make sure to drink lots of water leading up to your shoot date. This gives the skin that nice natural glow and can actually shed an extra pound or two.
  • Wear loose-fitting clothes on your way to the shoot. Arrive at the shoot wearing loose fitting clothes to avoid any unwanted skin lines.
  • Indulge in self-care activities. Make sure to get a good night’s sleep and have a healthy, nutritious breakfast the morning of the shoot. Drink plenty of water and avoid any new skincare routines.

The possibilities are endless when choosing your boudoir photo shoot outfits. And if you can’t decide what to wear, feel free to ask for suggestions! Here are some tips that will help guide you in selecting the best outfits for your boudoir shoot:

  • A classic mens button down shirt. A men’s button down shirt is a very classic look. It can be used to shoot on the body and off the body as a prop. Plus your man will love it!
  • Of course lingerie. Buy that lingerie set you’ve wanted for a while! There are so many unique online lingerie sites, the possibilities are endless. Two piece sets and bodysuits are my usual go-to’s.  There are certain types of lingerie that aren’t necessarily flattering for a boudoir shoot, such as baby dolls and corsets. Be sure to do your research or ask your photographer for wardrobe assistance.
  • Accessories. Depending on your taste, you can choose to compliment your look with heels, jewelry, hats, garter, veil… You wouldn’t believe the impact that accessories can have on a photo shoot.
  • Simple white sheet. Many women choose to have a few photos taken under the sheets, implying nudity. These photos always imply a very classy and bare look. Sometimes less is more when it comes to boudoir photography.

Obsessing about poses you want to try may ruin the entire boudoir experience. You may have a picture in your head, but the end result doesn’t turn out like you had hoped.

Suggest your ideas but don’t let it consume you! Leave it up to the professionals to decide the best poses and help guide you through each of them. Your only worry is to relax, laugh, and have a good time!

Here are a couple pointers to get you on the right track:

  • Always keep your back nice and arched
  • Think like a ballerina – point those toes and have soft hands
  • Relax your face, part your lips, and breathe in through your chest!

Ready to get started?