Why Do a Boudoir Photo Shoot in 2022

Each new year brings a lot of hope and we definitely have a lot to look forward to in 2022. After the turmoil of the pandemic over the past two years, everyone needs some respite and positivity. If you’ve been looking for that special something to mark a new beginning, boudoir photography can be an excellent way to start off 2022 on a good note.

If you’ve wanted to try it out but didn’t have the courage before, now may be the time to take the plunge and do it!

Why should you do a boudoir photo shoot in 2022?

Scheduling an appointment for a boudoir photo shoot is one of the best decisions you can make this year. Here’s why.

Discover new parts of yourself

New year, new you. Boudoir photography is often transformative because it shows you sides of yourself you didn’t know existed. While you may be a wife, mother, and career woman in your everyday life, boudoir photography can shine a light on your sexy, seductive side. And this can help you grow bolder and be better prepared for the challenges that the new year may bring.

Reclaim your sensuality

Why should you do a boudoir photo shoot in 2022Celebrate your femininity in the safe and intimate setting of a boudoir studio. This experience may push you to explore your sensuality further this year. If you embrace your sensuality without fear or inhibitions, you’ll see this energy affect other areas of your life too. It may even make you rekindle romance in your relationship in new, unexpected, and creative ways.

Gain more confidence

Do you think you’re not photogenic enough, not young enough, or pretty enough for boudoir photography? This is the kind of thinking that holds women back everyday from booking a boudoir shoot. Once you actually experience the magic of boudoir photography, you won’t let these feelings of inadequacy sabotage you anymore.

Show your man how much you care

Whether you’re a newlywed or a couple who’s been together for a while, you can show him your love and appreciation by making him a thoughtful, custom gift that will bring him to his knees. Couples often get too busy and overwhelmed with the daily grind, which leaves them little energy to woo each other. If the anxiety caused by the pandemic made your relationship lose some of its spark, this Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to wow him with a sexy gift.

Have something to remember this year by

Years fly past and we tend to forget a lot of the experiences we’ve lived through. Make this year count by doing a memorable photo shoot and getting beautiful images that will always remind you of this time in your life. Make 2022 the year you beat your fears!

Where can I find the very best boudoir photography in Lake Tahoe, NV?

If doing a boudoir photo shoot is your New Year’s Resolution, set up a quick phone consultation just by clicking here. Shannon provides her clients with a comfortable and inviting space for everyone to enjoy. It’s a new year and new you so no more holding back!

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