Top Tips for Displaying Your Boudoir Images

Your boudoir images are the perfect reminder of how strong and beautiful you are. After your photo shoot is done and you’re eagerly waiting for your ordering appointment, you can start thinking about the best place to display these stunning images. Will they be a sweet secret only you and your man share? Or do you want them to be a bold display of self-empowerment? This is completely up to you.

Keep reading for ideas on where and how to present this unique artwork. Then, if you haven’t already, contact J’adore Boudoir Photography – one of the most well renowned boudoir photographers in Reno.

How do you show boudoir photos?

You can decide to put your photos on show in a prominent place at home or keep them all to yourself, whichever works for you. While some women prefer keeping them out of plain sight, others would rather show them off as a bold statement. Do what makes you happy – there are no right or wrong decisions here.

Here are some popular choices for you to consider:

  • In an album: A gorgeous leather-bound album to house your images is truly a timeless classic. This way, they’ll stay private and you’ll be able to relive the intimate experience of boudoir each time you view them. They’ll be for your (and his) eyes only.
  • In a custom folio box: Another option is to get a set of matted art prints, which can come in an elegant customized box. This is a stylish and sophisticated way to store your images, which can also make a great gift. Plus, you can always frame them and hang them up on a wall if you want.
  • As fine art for your home: You’re a strong and beautiful woman, so why be shy about it? You can either go for one large statement piece or perhaps create a gallery wall.

How do you show boudoir photos

Where do I display my boudoir photos?

If you’d like to mount your framed photos on the wall, here are some places where they may fit right in:

  • Above the bed or elsewhere in the bedroom: Being an intimate space, your bedroom may be the best spot for your sensual boudoir prints. They’ll add to the ambience and provide that special something that will make the room your own.
  • In your walk-in wardrobe or makeup room: Here’s another private space that could be the perfect fit. Not only will they add to the aesthetic appeal of the space, but they’ll also give you a great confidence boost while you’re getting ready for the day.
  • In your living area: Most people love filling up their living rooms with cherished memories. With your boudoir images proudly displayed there, you’ll remember that important birthday or another special occasion you were celebrating every time you walk past.

Who creates the best boudoir photography in Reno, NV?

If you’re itching to see what boudoir is all about but keep waiting for that “perfect” moment that never comes, stop hesitating! You deserve to have images of yourself to look back for years to come. Learn more about J’adore Boudoir Photography, reach out to us today, and get ready for a one-of-a-kind experience at our studio in Reno.

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