The Best Occasions for Boudoir Photo Shoots

There are many reasons why you should do a boudoir photo shoot. It will help you love yourself more, awake your sensuality, remind you that you’re beautiful, and empower you. Besides doing boudoir-style photography in Reno just because, you might be wondering about other convenient times to do it. Read on to explore various occasions for boudoir shoots.

What are the perfect occasions to have a boudoir photo shoot?

If you don’t know when you should schedule your session, here are some ideas to help you make your decision:

1. An anniversary present for your loved oneWhat are the perfect occasions to have a boudoir photo shoot

One of the perfect occasions to book a boudoir shoot is if you want to gift the photos to your significant other for your anniversary. Whether it’s your first anniversary or you’ve been together for years, we’re sure they will be surprised and appreciate your unique gift. 

2. Valentine’s Day gift

What better day to gift your loved one with your boudoir photos than on the most romantic day of the year. Valentine’s day is a remembrance of the love you have for your partner, and it will show in such a romantic gift! 

3. A bridal gift

More and more women pick boudoir photos as gifts on their wedding day. They can make this day even more special and memorable for both you and your partner. Consider wearing your veil or garter along with some dainty white lingerie to incorporate your wedding day into the photo shoot. 

4. A birthday present for your partner

When you’ve gifted your partner anything and everything or you’re just out of ideas, a boudoir album may be the perfect birthday surprise. You could do a birthday-themed photo shoot, wear something of your partner’s, or make it about yourself.

5. Mother’s Day

For Mother’s Day, you could arrange a boudoir photo shoot to treat yourself (or your mom). When you’re a mom, you put others’ needs before your own and you have such a busy schedule that it’s hard to have some time alone. Also, perhaps you haven’t been feeling as sexy after giving birth or taking care of your kids all day.

A boudoir photo session will bring out the woman in you, remind you that you’re beautiful, and inspire you to love your body.

6. Summertime

Summer may be the perfect time to take your boudoir photos. You’re probably taking a vacation, you’re not thinking about work, and you’re relaxing and enjoying some free time. If summer is the time of the year you feel your best inside and out, you may want to capture it with a summer boudoir session.

7. Me time

While there are many special occasions when you can get your photos done, it’s not necessary to have a specific reason to book a session. You can do it to surprise your partner just because. You can also do it for yourself, have some me time, and keep your photos private.

You don’t need a reason behind doing a boudoir shoot. You may also enjoy getting ready for it and treating yourself to a healthy meal beforehand.

Where can you book boudoir-style photography in Reno?

Whether you want to pamper yourself, get a surprise gift, or perhaps spice up your relationship, J’adore Boudoir Photography will make your photos classy and beautiful. 

Shannon is one of the best boudoir photographers in Nevada, and she’ll assist you on this journey of self-discovery and self-love.

Don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’ll answer whatever questions you may have and schedule your photo session.

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