What Boudoir Mood Are You Going For?

What mood are you going for? There are a variety of moods that can be presented in a boudoir shoot. Whether you want to show a playful side, a dark side, or a more feminine side, this is absolutely something to think about while planning your session.

Deciding on what lingerie to wear plays an important role in the mood you would like to portray through the lens. A black bodysuit and high heels indicate a more dark and sexy side, whereas a white babydoll and slippers represent a more feminine and playful side. You can also do a variety of moods to bring diversity to your session.

In addition to deciding on the overall mood of your session, you should also take the time to explore our previous work, prepare questions for your first meeting, and take a look at these simple posing tips. Being well-prepared and informed will help you relax and focus on the more important things like your lingerie choices and pampering appointments.

What should be the mood of your boudoir photos?

Here are three different types of mood settings to consider for your boudoir shoot:

  • Light and feminine: For wardrobe ideas think whites, creams, and pastel colors. This mood is perfect for those getting married! Also, think about bringing along props such as your veil, wedding shoes, and even a set of classic white pearls.

  • Moody and dark: For wardrobe think black and reds. Bodysuits, corsets, etc. This mood is great for those looking to unleash their fierce and sexual side.

  • Personal and playful: This mood is great for those looking to show off their personality. For example, if you’re sporty, perhaps a good outfit would include baseball high socks and a cap with some booty shorts.  Or maybe you’re musically talented, why not bring your instrument? This is an opportunity to bring a personal connection to the shoot.

So next time you book a boudoir shoot, keep this in mind and make sure to communicate your thoughts and ideas with your photographer!

How do you express your personality in a boudoir photo?

The key to getting beautiful images is to be yourself. We are all women… but we are all different. Do not be afraid to show your personality through the lens. After all, these are private images for YOU. Here are a couple simple tips to help you portray your personality through the lens:

  • Show your style through your wardrobe choices. Our clothes express so much of who we are, and just because boudoir has a little bit less clothing doesn’t mean it can’t express your style.

  • Laugh it out! Laughing is the world’s greatest medicine. We are here to have a good time right? So relax, laugh it out, and enjoy the experience. Some of the best photos are the ones caught in between poses.

  • Express your emotions through the lens. A picture really is worth a thousand words. And body language and facial expressions can say so much about someone’s emotions. If this is your first time posing, your photographer will help depict different emotions…ones that fit your personality best.

  • Your album choice can definitely express your personality. After you receive back your images there are tons of styles and colors to choose from. Don’t choose what you “think” is the most popular style for boudoir. Choose what portrays who you are.

Here are a couple tips for you to relax and be yourself in front of the camera. Remember we are all different. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to boudoir shoots. As a photographer I love diversity and seeing what all you beautiful ladies bring to the table.

Who is the best boudoir photographer in Reno & beyond?

At J’adore Boudoir Photography, our philosophy is to help women see their unique beauty through our lens. It truly is an experience unlike any other, and you reach yourself personally on so many different levels. That is our drive for what we do. Changing women’s mindsets on what “true beauty” is from the inside out.

Come celebrate yourself with us and book your shoot today! We are ranked in the top 5 of the best boudoir photographers in Reno and our private outdoor studio overlooks the beautiful landscape. So what are you waiting for? Learn more about pricing on our website, and check out our FAQ page to get more info on our process. Contact us today…we can’t wait to hear from you gorgeous!

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