Best Tips for Picking a Boudoir Outfit

These days women take more photos than they ever have…but they still can’t seem to get enough, and for good reason! Boudoir photos in particular are a wonderful gift to yourself or your significant other. Whether you want to surprise your loved one for your wedding anniversary or simply treat yourself to a day of pampering, there are plenty of good reasons to book a boudoir session.

If you’ve never done a boudoir shoot before you probably have lots of questions. You will get the best boudoir experience by working with a photographer you can trust. You can learn more about how a boudoir session works and also feel free to visit my FAQ page for more information about my Reno studio.

With so many lingerie choices nowadays, it’s hard to know what to pick or what’s going to look most flattering for your body type. Within this blog you will discover the most universally flattering lingerie pieces and some lingerie do’s and don’ts to keep in mind!

How do I choose a boudoir outfit?

Selecting the perfect attire for your boudoir session can be overwhelming. However, it is also an ideal excuse to go on a shopping spree and have some fun. Relax and experiment with your wardrobe choices because it all comes down to only two key things:

Is it you enough?

A boudoir shoot is an intimate experience, where your true self can come out and play. Your photos should be an expression of your unique personality and preferences. So, when you’re out shopping for garments in preparation for the shoot, look for ones that speak to your distinct style. No matter if you’re into lace, jewel tones, trendy or classic, make a choice that celebrates your individuality.

Do you love what you see?

Does your confidence skyrocket when you look in the mirror? A healthy body image is one of the cornerstones of mental well-being. If your outfit makes you feel like you can conquer the world, you’re on the right track. After all, the point of boudoir is to take a moment to honor yourself without any hang-ups. Pick an ensemble that fits your ideas of what is flattering and beautiful, not anybody else’s.

What do you wear to a boudoir session?

This has always been such a big concern with my clients which is why I started incorporating a wardrobe consult into my session fee. I want my clients to feel confident in what they are wearing, so sometimes a little helpful guidance can make all the difference. Here are my top picks for the best lingerie pieces that will drop him to his knees:

  1. Bodysuit, bodysuits, bodysuits! Bodysuits are flattering on almost all body types. They cover up those pesky unwanted areas (such as the midsection or love handles), while still showing off your curves. Pair it up with a set up high/thin black heels and you can’t go wrong.

  2. Matching two piece sets. Matching two piece sets are also a great choice. If you are concerned about your mid section, consider getting a set with high waisted undies. If you have a larger bust consider finding a shop that offers two piece sets that allow you to choose different sizes for each.

  3. Teddies/shapewear. Teddies are similar to bodysuits and are another great choice.

Now for a couple wardrobe don’ts for you!

  1. Steer clear of loose or flowy pieces such as baby dolls or nightgowns. They don’t accentuate your curves and really hinder lots of poses. Keep those for romantic nights at home with your man.

  2. Avoid busy patterns and neon colors. Keep it simple. Black is always a great go-to. It goes with everything and naturally makes you look more slender.

  3. G-strings are honestly super unflattering. I would avoid them unless you are super confident in how you look in one.

How do I find the very best boudoir photographer in Reno, NV?

Are you still on the fence about booking a shoot? Are you looking for a photographer you feel comfortable with and can trust? Boudoir is a very vulnerable and intimate setting so it’s completely normal to have concerns. We understand your concerns, and we want to make all our clients feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible. As a highly reputable woman-owned photography business we are here to put your mind at ease. We truly care about our clients and want to make sure everyone receives the best experience possible.

This special day is about you. Don’t stress the small things like posing and lingerie. Relax, have fun at our studio in Reno-Sparks metropolitan area, and leave all the small details to us! If you have more questions, here is a savvy boudoir guide for more information or feel free to contact us directly for assistance. Stop the hesitation and start loving yourself! We are here for you every step of the way, gorgeous!

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