Get to Know Me

Get to Know Me

Hello Gorgeous! I’m Shannon!

Through the art of boudoir, I help women from all over rediscover their femininity and embrace who they are!

I am all about body positivity. No matter what season of life you are in – feeling beautiful and loved is so important for your mental and emotional health. You must be kind to yourself  in the way that you are to others – to speak to your body in the same way that you speak to others.

I’ll admit its not easy – we’ve been taught for decades to fit these physical molds, that if we don’t look a certain way then we aren’t beautiful. It’s time to shift that mindset. Open your heart to this experience and learn what it’s like to love ALL of yourself.

You’ll find working with me I’m a very easy going, down to earth, fun loving person. Photographing ALL bodies truly brings me a joy that’s indescribable. I love being able to capture this moment in time for my clients and be apart of this very liberating experience. And if you were wondering – yes, these pictures are of me!

Why J’adore Boudoir?

It’s important to pick the right photographer, especially for such an intimate setting like boudoir. So why choose J’adore Boudoir? Here are the top reasons why my clients choose me:

Comfortability – making sure every single one of my clients feels comfortable and has a fun experience is my top priority.

Reviews –  J’adore Boudoir is rated in the top 5 of the Best Boudoir Photographers in San Diego on Yelp and Google and eager to conquer Nevada, too.

Customer service – I truly value the time I spend with my clients and making sure their entire experience is exceptional. As a boutique boudoir studio, I only book a certain amount of sessions per month to guarantee each client receives my utmost attention and service.

Products – the products speak for themselves. My albums are heirloom quality, individually crafted, and chosen piece by piece by you. I also have fun items like viewfinders, crystal bed blocks, prints, canvases, and more!

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