5 Boudoir Decor Ideas

I often get asked: ”What does your studio look like?” I’m sure if you’ve been searching for the perfect boudoir photographer, this too has crossed your mind. And for good reason. Although the focal point is directed on the subject, what a space looks like can dramatically enhance an image. This doesn’t mean that a boudoir studio needs to have excess amounts of décor and furniture. A few nice pieces and some tasteful décor will do the trick.

Here at J’adore Boudoir Photography I am all about simplicity. My Reno indoor studio is tastefully decorated with a couple nice vintage furniture pieces and décor. This space was designed to create a warm and inviting feel without the overwhelming clutter or distraction.

Are you curious about how photographers create an intimate boudoir set-up? Read on to discover what goes into styling a boudoir studio.

How do you decorate for boudoir?

Boudoir photography is originally inspired by the concept of boudoir. It’s a French word historically known as a woman’s private bedroom. The décor of a modern boudoir photography studio often reflects this by creating a private, intimate space, where every woman can feel at ease and be her most seductive self.

Here are a few features that photographers often like to include when designing a boudoir studio:

  • Walls: Walls could be plainer, so as not to create distraction, or decorated with softly patterned wallpaper or gentle colors. The walls should combine well with the rest of the décor in both color and style. They could feature some carefully chosen artwork as well.

  • A cozy, elegant bed: A stylish king size or a queen size bed with a tufted upholstered headboard is a staple of boudoir décor. Sometimes, it’s a four-poster bed or one with a decorative cast iron headboard. A comfy bed is the perfect background for posing in a lingerie set. A luxe sofa, chaise lounge, or ottoman are also common additions to boudoir studios. These pieces are all ideal for a variety of lounging poses.

  • A glamorous mirror: A boudoir studio should be adorned with a large, often vintage-style or intricately framed mirror. Stunning mirrors lend themselves well to interesting shots and evoke the atmosphere of a real, intimate bedroom space. They are sometimes placed on the floor by the bed to give a view of the model as she poses.

  • Sophisticated details: Lavish shag or sheepskin rugs, delicate and plush fabrics, like velvet and satin, statement chandeliers, sheer curtains… All of these items add texture, glamor, and sensuality to the space. They heighten the sense of femininity and elegance.

  • Plenty of natural light: Most people would agree, that when it comes to boudoir photography, nothing beats the soft glow of natural lighting. It’s the most flattering light you could be shot in. This is why it’s so important for a boudoir studio to have large windows shining lots of indirect natural light onto the set.

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Have you been thinking about doing a boudoir shoot for a while now but for one reason or another you keep putting it off? What’s holding you back? When choosing the right photographer it’s important to ask yourself what draws your attention. The actual boudoir studio itself is only a small piece of what makes a good boudoir business. More importantly, you should also be considering the photographer’s style, reputation, and reviews.

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