3 Biggest Myths About Boudoir Photography

If this is your first time doing a boudoir session, you probably have a list of questions you want answered. Perhaps you’ve heard about some boudoir myths and you’d like to know if they are true. Or maybe you just need some professional tips on how to prepare for your boudoir session, like which props to bring to a boudoir shoot.

Whatever questions you have, they’re all worth asking.However, there are some questions you might not have thought to ask, but you definitely should. Here are the 5 most important questions you should ALWAYS ask your photographer during a consultation.

Will my photos be seen online or in any commercial advertising?

Technically it’s required for the photographer to present a model release form to the client for signature in order to get permission to use photos. This will prevent any boudoir photographer from using your photographs without your consent. However, it is always good to be sure to hear your photographer reiterate it to you.

What is your experience shooting boudoir?

Anyone can shoot a professional model and call themselves a photographer. Models don’t need teaching. They know how to pose and move their body for the camera. Make sure to look for someone with experience shooting real clients.

Why do your clients choose you over other photographers?

You want to know what sets your potential boudoir photographer apart from the competition. Of course most clients look at past reviews, expertise, pricing, reputation, etc. But there are other aspects to consider when deciding on your photographer.

Maybe it’s how comfortable the photographer makes you feel? Or the light and airy style of the photos? Or the studio space? Whatever your thoughts may be, these are good things to think about when choosing your boudoir photographer.

Will you be guiding me through the poses?

Unless you are a model, posing is tricky and it’s not up to the client to know how to position their body. If this is your first boudoir session, you probably don’t have any previous experience with striking poses.

Make sure your photographer really has their posing game down. You want to hire a boudoir photographer who can help you position your body to show off your best assets and who is able to guide you through the entire process.

What is the turnaround time?

The reasons behind deciding to do a boudoir shoot are many. Is this shoot a gift for someone special? Perhaps a wedding or anniversary present? Make sure you ask about the turnaround time so the items don’t arrive late!

Even if you’ve decided to book this shoot for yourself (which I highly recommend!) it’s nice to know when you should be expecting your products.

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No matter the reason behind your desire to do a boudoir shoot, we want to make sure your experience is comfortable, fun, and liberating. J’adore Boudoir Photography is a boutique boudoir studio that believes all women are worthy of this empowering experience. No matter your size or figure, all women are uniquely beautiful and we are here to celebrate your uniqueness.

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